Wilderness of Mirrors

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Wilderness of Mirrors
by Helen Baker

Despite what romanticists try to make of it, small-town living is not lacking in its share of social and geographic limitations, especially for those whose lives are keenly touched by it.

For the most part of a teacher's life, however, there is no other way but to subtly eschew those limitations while living the life that truly reflects the heart's desire. In Wilderness of Mirrors, by Helen Baker, we see Christina Walker"Cheena" to people close to heras an unconventionally spirited woman who believes there must be more to life than living according to the confines and norms of the society in which she finds herself.

Through the heartwarming tale of an atypical small-town woman, Wilderness of Mirrors entices us to take ventures as a step toward some measure of self-fulfillment.

About the Author

Like Cheena, the main character of Wilderness of Mirrors, Helen Baker has spent a good part of her life breaking out of boundaries. A well-traveled person, she has lived and worked in Boston, New York, San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro. Aside from that, she has also traveled through Eastern Europe and across other sections of the United States.

(2012, paperback, 162 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review