A Voice in the Wilderness (PB)

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A Voice in the Wilderness (PB)
by Giovanni Baptista

The internal light of truth burns in us all. How brightly it burns is determined by how much we feed the fire with the faith, hope, and love with which it burns. Even in the darkness, it will show the way, for it is then that it burns the brightest. It can only be fed with the knowledge of your inner being, which is reliant on that power greater than you. No one can take it away. It is only you who can give it up. It is the force, the constant that you hold from birth to physical death and beyond. If you fail to understand its meaning, you are doomed to walk in eternal darkness. You are dead within.

A Voice in the Wilderness is a collection of inspirational poems taken from author Giovanni Baptistas experience in excess of four decades serving his country, state, and community in the military and in law enforcement.

About the Author:

Giovanni Baptista was born in 1953, having been raised in a small coal town of humble beginnings within a large family with strong ethic and cultural and spiritual ties. He was a product of the people who have touched him throughout his life. He served many roles to many people in the grand design of life.

(2017, Paperback, 118 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review