The Last Bus Stop: An Adoption Story - eBook

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The Last Bus Stop: An Adoption Story

By: Mandee LR Schoolcraft


About the Book

One day, two little boys had to leave their home because their mother was too sick to take care of them anymore. The boys were picked up by a bus and taken on an adventure to find their forever family. They stopped several times along the way, meeting new families who cared for them for a little while, but could not keep them forever. They continued on their journey, searching for a loving hug from a real mother and the laughter from a tickle fight with a real father, and a home to call theirs forever.

A sweet, loving take on foster adoption, The Last Bus Stop is a vital read for children and parents who are on their own adoption journeys.

About the Author

Mandee LR Schoolcraft is a So Cal native, a mother of two foster adopted boys, and is a full time School Psychologist in a large California school district. She and her husband have a love of miniature dachshunds and decorating their home for Halloween and Christmas every year, with big, award winning displays. In her free time, Mandee enjoys spending time with her family and dogs, is an avid reader, and an amateur photographer. She enjoys writing children’s literature and hopes to publish more children’s books in the future.


(2023, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review