Harper and Coco's Big Adventure: An Adoption Story - eBook

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Harper and Coco's Big Adventure: An Adoption Story

By: Gayle N. Gruber Heimbold


About the Book

Harper is a cute and fluffy pup. He loves to play and scamp about with his family. One day, Harper comes across a lonely little pup named Coco. And a brand-new adventure begins!

Harper and Coco’s Big Adventure is an adoption story and a story of hope. Through Harper and Coco’s adventure, children will appreciate the joy and peace of finding a pet a new and loving home.

About the Author

Gayle N. Gruber Heimbold is a fine artist and art teacher from New Jersey. She is a passionate animal lover whose motto is “adopt, don’t shop.” She hopes to raise awareness about the beauty of animal adoption.


(2023, eBook)


I think it was written and illustrated very well. Its an easy read and flows well, the pictures are done well so it will help the child follow along. The story, is a fun adoption story for kids to read and maybe relate.
Sarah Hughes


(No reviews yet) Write a Review