A Boy Named Sasha: An International Adoption Story

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A Boy Named Sasha: An International Adoption Story
by D.R. Now

Adoption is an exciting adventure for new parents, but it can sometimes be scary for young children. This book is a lighthearted, fun way of showing the joy of becoming a loving family through adoption.

D. R. Now (Diane) discusses her story of the adoption of her son. Observing the scarcity of books on international adoptions, she took it into her own hands to create a book geared specifically toward children adopted internationally. A Boy Named Sasha is a wonderful gift to give any child who may have questions about adoption.

About the Author

Diane lives in Michigan with her husband and their adopted son, Aleksandr. Diane has a bachelors degree in mathematics from Oakland University and works as an Account Manager in the automobile industry. She enjoys spending time at the family cabin with family and friends, reading, snowmobiling, boating, biking, walking her dogs, and going for nature walks.

(2011, hardcover, 34 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review