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The Forgotten

By: Patrick C. Pagnano


About the Book

The Forgotten is a thrilling story of a boy thrust into the cruel reality of the world. This world is full of monsters and magic. It is also where the gods play with the lives of mortals for their own entertainment and satisfaction. The young boy stumbles through his life, desperate to find a way home. With each unfathomable turn of event comes another wave of chaos unyielding in its efforts to uproot what little he has left.

About the Author

Patrick C. Pagnano was born in Auburn, Nebraska. He currently resides in Citrus Heights, California. He worked multiple jobs throughout college while maintaining his relationships with his family and friends. He is happily married and has a career in the engineering field. He enjoys writing as a way to express his creative side and escape the stress of everyday life.


(2023, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review