Siege of a Nation

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Siege of a Nation

By: Kay Coldiron Hale


About the Book

She was just an ordinary woman in an ordinary world, one in which confusion and terror had posed its ugly head. Why she had been the chosen one, the one to help put order into a world where chaos and terror had taken them all by surprise, she couldn’t understand…

Badly hurt in an airplane accident, Rebecca found herself alone and hiding from terrorists who had taken over the country and were killing all who stood in their way. But in the depths of her despair, she discovered that she wasn’t alone and that she possessed powers that would allow her to bring peace back into a world that had descended into a nightmare.

Can Rebecca use these other-worldly powers to fulfill her destiny and save herself, her loved ones, and her nation?


About the Author

As one of eleven children, Kay enjoyed growing up in a large family, and she has six children of her own. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys crocheting and writing songs.


(2021, Paperback, 298 pages)


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review