Memoirs of My Heart: She Said, He Said

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Memoirs of My Heart: She Said, He Said

By: Jacqui Stewart


About the Book

Memoirs of My Heart - She Said, He Said, is an insight into the thoughts of two people who fell in love with each other, as “first and true love,” at a young age. Circumstances deterred the couple from each other and from developing their romance. Drawing from true stories of couples who shared first love, lost, and found, the author wishes to bring to life the thoughts of a couple who represent any of us in whose heart lives our first love.


About the Author

Jacqui Stewart was born the tenth of twelve children and one of the only twins in the family. She grew up loving to read. Belonging to a family where the pursuit of academics was embedded within family values, she left Union Island at the age of fifteen, under the guardianship of an older sibling to pursue secondary and tertiary education in the twin island nation of Trinidad and Tobago. It was in Trinidad that she developed friendships that now span decades. Her experience there gave her the springboard to the passion for travel and to explore the thoughts of “first love” from stories she listened to as seen through the eyes of relatives and friends who she witnessed returning to marrying a first girlfriend or first boyfriend whom they call “my first love.”


(2022, paperback, 294 pages)

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