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Best Friends

By: Janet Davis Talbott


About the Book

Best Friends follows young vivacious Sarah, her two best friends—her pony Trudy and her dog Hopalong—through a tragedy that changes the ten-year-old’s life. With the help of her family and friends, Sarah works hard to regain her strength and spirit, and in doing so, conceives a way to help many others. Read along as Sarah and those she loves work to bring her dream to life. The author says, “Through the eyes of reading my book, readers feel the things I have experienced. The smell of flowers, noise of creeks moving swiftly, winds blowing through your hair, rabbits running through a field of wildflowers. That the simple things in life can you bring you happiness, that even going through tragedy, you can overcome anything.”

About the Author

Janet Davis Talbott has been retired for ten years. Her life revolves around her children and her grandchildren. Outside of her family, animals are her second love. Talbott enjoys crafts and gardening when not spending time with her family.


(2023, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review