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My First Best Friend

By: Sharon Daniels

About the Book

Snick was in his family for years before a baby boy was born, and now that he’s here, baby and Snick are inseparable! Snick is present for almost everything that goes on during the child’s day and the bond they share is like no other. No longer just “man’s best friend” but “baby’s best friend,” Snick is this child’s first loving and constant companion.


About the Author

Sharon Daniels is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati with her degree in child development. She always loved reading stories to children—especially her own grandchildren—so writing a book for kids was only natural!

Daniels has three sons whom she raised in South Florida. All of them were good students and now are successful businessmen and excellent fathers.

Daniels is a professional comedian/impressionist and singer. She writes poetry for all occasions and also works as a lyricist. She’s been professionally performing in South Florida and theaters around the country for over thirty years.                     

My First Best Friend is based on her first-born grandson’s relationship with his dog, Snickers.


(2019, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review