We Were the Blessed Ones

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We Were the Blessed Ones
by David E. Clemons

In the summer of June 1939, someplace over the horizon, the plains, and bright hills, lay expectations of a destitute family destined to face the worst thing that could possibly happen to them in the South, in a state that was known to up hold the laws in different ways, not to support everyone but just made for the most elite race of people who were not of the same color. In 1939 and years before, people of color were treated less than humans but as workers, not even as hired help, just as slaves owned by the so-called white masters.

We Were the Blessed Ones by David E. Clemons tells the tale of one familys journey out of slaveryand all of the little things in life that truly make one blessed.

About the Author:

David E. Clemons is a retired Federal Government employee. He worked in the Defense Department as a comptroller, managing funding for the agency. David is also a retired soldier and worked in education. Now he helps individuals who would like to write their own stories.

Davids many hobbies include reading, singing, and listening to all types of music. He is very involved in his church and serves as the coordinator for his community safety program.

(2015, Paperback, 402 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review