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Blessed Journey: A Spiritual Life

by J. E. Wildman


Being a Christian girl who fell in love with a wonderful young man, she takes her eyes off of God and sidesteps into trouble. Sharing her story, J. E. Wildman gives words of encouragement to young women or anyone who is in a bad relationship. Wildman inspires and aims to teach those to never walk away from God, she is here to prove he has a plan for you and that you are valuable.



About the Author

J. E. Wildman graduated with an Associate degree of science in human services studying mental health. She graduated from Ruth Lilly Hospice of Clarien and worked on the Palatine care/hospice unit at a local hospital. Wildman retired as a substitute teacher and is a member of an independent Christian church.



(2021, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review