Tribute to Bob Marley and Other Poems

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Tribute to Bob Marley and Other Poems

by Sanaa

Have you ever been inspired by an artists work of music, writing, or painting? Poet Sanaa has been influenced by the songs of Bob Marley, and her collection Tribute to Bob Marley and Other Poems is a product of her respect for the Jamaican singer, composer, and messenger. From Marleys experiences, as expressed through his music, Sanaa recognizes the struggles we all encounter: death, lost love, and rising above our circumstances. Sanaas poetry is both a memorial to Marleys moving work and a call to us all to persevere through lifes difficulties and to realize inspiration from the people, places, and experiences we encounter. If you have felt hope, joy, and encouragement after witnessing an artists gift, you will recognize the admiration of Sanaa, as expressed through Tribute to Bob Marley and Other Poems.

About the Author

A native of Jamaica, Sanaa now lives in Rosedale, New York, where she works as an educational practitioner. She had completed the credits to earn a Master Degree of Science at Long Island Universtiy in Brooklyn, New York. Sanaa and her husband, Claude Walker, have six children: Taifa, Rakim, Tanyka, Thorpe, Diamond, and Sunja. In her spare time, Sanaa enjoys writing poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, as well as sewing and cooking. In her community, she is a member of the Knitting Circle and the Writers/Poetry Workshop.

(2009, paperback, 32 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review