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Time: The Theory of Everything

By: Lee Poulin

About the Book

As a fourteen-year-old, author Lee Poulin asked his science teacher a question about space and time and was frustrated with the answer, which was clearly contradictory. Forty years later, Poulin doesn’t think the science community has come up with any better answers for space and time. Time: The Theory of Everything attempts to answer these questions by looking at the basic ideas of science in a new way and being willing to challenge that Einstein may not be quite right in all his findings. Poulin challenges current thoughts on dark energy, gravity, dark matter, quantum physics, and much more. Time: The Theory of Everything will lead the reader to thinking about astrosciences in a new way.


About the Author

Lee Poulin is a homeschooled physicist who, as an observatory director and member of an amateur astronomer’s club in South Florida for many years, has had the opportunity to meet professionals in the academic community and others with interests like him. This has given Poulin the chance to debate with them over the accepted ideas that science preaches. Eventually they have agreed to disagree, but Poulin has always known he was right. Time: The Theory of Everything lays out his theories and is the result of forty years of his research.


Dr. Lee's book is very intriguing and makes me reconsider things that I thought I knew about science as fact. He puts forth a meaty logical prospective on what I've learned and took for granted. Postulating on many well-known theories and why they just don't all play in the sandbox together well. It is a well written hardy read that I had to break up by chapters to comprehend and ponder the alternative logic he proposes, that I thought I knew, piece by piece, wanting for more, and well worth it in the end. As the intro states, there's not any mind numbing math, just common logical thinking about what I thought I knew already, but with a fresh new prospective. 

Loved, the speed of light train perspective, looking back at a clock. Reality is what we see as the light photons hit us. So from some light years away, in another galaxy, if someone, could see and was watching they would only see the civil war or farther away dinosaurs roaming the earth because it takes that long for the light of the imagery to reach them. When we look deep into space we're seeing where things were as the light from past positions hits us, they've moved on since. That's a paraphrase of just one chapter. He also explores gravity, multiple universes, his own "time wedge theory" dark matter, the atom and more, based on why time is the key to the lock. Great read, tighten the strap on your thinking cap.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review