The Rise of the Forsaken Kingdom: Book One

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The Rise of the Forsaken Kingdom: Book One
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The Rise of the Forsaken Kingdom
by Steven O. Cupp Sr.

The Rise of the Forsaken Kingdom is a science fiction tale about Steven Black, who learns to use his powers and live life as they did back in Egyptian days. He is someone who has done wrong in this world but changes his lifestyle in his new life. Grow and learn with Steven and have a different look for the other characters in this riveting tale.

About the Author:

Born in Denver, Colorado, Steven O. Cupp Sr. is the oldest of seven children. He considers himself a Virginian from the most beautiful Shenandoah Valley, where he grew up to be a dreamer and adventurer. He has been on many real adventures that have inspired him to write this book. He has studied many languages and religions and, of course, dreamed of a fantasy world unlike anything on Earth.

(2016, Paperback, 470 pages)