The Haunting of Whispering Cove Lighthouse

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The Haunting of Whispering Cove Lighthouse

By: Lynne Smyles

About the Book

Riley’s family had no way of knowing that an innocuous search into her family’s ancestry would lead them to a lighthouse shrouded in mystery, danger, and suspense. Upon discovering that their ancestor, Captain Boyle, had been the keeper of Whispering Cove Lighthouse in the 1800s, the Boyle family and Riley’s cousin Charlie decide to vacation there. Shortly after arriving, they learn the legend of the lighthouse, the two ghosts who haunt it, and the treasure hidden there.

            As Riley and Charlie search for the treasure, watchful strangers seem to lurk around every corner in this mysterious small town. Soon, unexplained occurrences cause the cousins to wonder if there really are ghosts. Or, is something more nefarious behind these manifestations? And, if they do find the loot, with so many eyes watching, who can the family trust?

About the Author

Lynne Smyles grew up in Detroit, Michigan. After attending Eastern Michigan University, she earned a master's degree in elementary education from Saginaw Valley University. Smyles taught in the Lakeview Public School District for thirty-seven years and was twice voted Lakeview Elementary’s “teacher of the year.”

            Smyles also wrote the Michigan History Nightmares series. The last book in the series received the Editor's Choice Award. In addition to writing, Smyles enjoys golfing with her husband, David, and spending time with her nieces, nephew, and friends at her cottage.

(2022, Paperback, 152 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review