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The Destination Diaries

By: Edward P. Dramberger, PhD “The Destination Dr.”

About the Book

The Destination Diaries chronicles a brave man’s quest to quench an insatiable thirst for travel and the endless excavation for life’s meaning therein. This collection of snapshots is a world-tour-de-force unseen in scope and varieties since travel writer Jan Morris. Decades of professional and leisure travel across 180 of the world’s 195 countries yielded this extraordinary book that mixes one part memoir, one part self-help and one part guide for anyone looking to turn travel into something more. Through intimate stories in unbelievable locales, readers will witness how travel has allowed Edward to connect with people, enjoy adventures and invigorate his spirit over a lifetime. He reveals the good, bad, ugly and beautiful through travel. The Destination Diaries will convince readers what is available to them and how travel will change us in unimaginable ways.


About the Author

Author, speaker Edward P. Dramberger holds a PhD in hospitality/tourism and MBA in international marketing. He is Principal of Destination Dr., a global Consulting firm and is a triathlete, ultra-runner and charity fund raiser.


He can be reached at:


(2018, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review