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The Silver Tongue’s Diary: A Memoir of Poems

by Jennifer J. Prescott


The Silver Tongue’s Diary unravels the many emotions that sometimes become entwined with one and other. Dark and desperate at times, and light and hopeful at others, Jennifer J. Prescott’s memoir of poems speaks to everyone who’s struggled to endure the dark, treacherous moments we all must face—and attests that we can survive.


About the Author

Jennifer J. Prescott’s primary hobbies include reading and writing, though she’s interested in all forms of art. Her favorite poet is Edgar Allan Poe, and she loves watching horror movies with her family. (They’re big fans of Tim Burton.) Vincent Van Gogh is her favorite artist, and she’s a big fan of sci-fi and astronomy.


Prescott married her high school sweetheart 16 years ago, and together, they have three terrific children. An advocate for pitbulls, she and her family have raised two loving Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Khya and Killian, along with a goofy and energetic Brittany Spaniel named Gunnar. Her adoring tomcat, Poe, rules their home.


(2021, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review