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The Angel

By: CL Smith


About the Book

After a particularly bad day at work, Jeff returns home later than usual to find his dinner, prepared by his loving wife, Jane, has gone cold. That’s when he loses his temper, in a blind rage, Jeff pushes Jane, and she hits her head on the way down. What has he done?

With Jane in the hospital and the police’s scrutiny, now it’s a waiting game to see when Jane wakes up… if Jane wakes up.


About the Author

CL Smith stated writing while in her teens, but fell away from it after graduating high school. It wasn’t until recently she started writing again, when a friend suggested it. She resides in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and, in the past, has worked with schizophrenic people in their homes. The author is disabled.


(2021, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review