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Angels, Visions & Gifts

By: Captain Robert R. Singleton, P.HD

About the Book

Captain Robert R. Singleton’s latest book, Angels, Visions & Gifts: A Fisherman’s Journey, is a compilation of stories and advice. Singleton offers different suggestions and mystifying stories that may help a person understand the meaning of life and the tasks of their existence. From tales of Singleton’s experience out at sea to enticing tales of encounters with a higher power, Singleton presents an empowering read.

About the Author

Captain Robert R. Singleton, P.HD is a merchant marine Captain who has spent over 40 years at sea. Singleton is also an oceanographer. Being a private pilot and an ex-paratrooper, Singleton is the author of several books and articles including The Standish Chronicles and You’ll Never Get Lost Again. He enjoys teaching, writing and studying the Bible.

(2017, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review