Star Peace: Living with Aliens

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Star Peace: Living with Aliens
by Manfred Alt

Star Peace: Living with Aliens recounts the adventure of the secret mission of an advanced spaceship traveling through the universe.

With capabilities and intelligence that resulted from Nazi attempts to create a super-human wunderkind, as World War II draws to a close Hans is charged with a life project of seeking other worlds and bringing peace to a future reunited world. His assignment and final message from Adolf Hitler includes detailed plans and generous funding for the work that will occupy the next fifty-five years of Hans life.

Hans assembles an international team of brilliant and dedicated individuals, and the spaceship COBRA fulfills their dreams. When the crew encounters other life in outer space, their daring mission confirms the belief that another universe exists on the other side of the Black Hole. The aliens guide them through the Black Hole in our universe to their universe and invite them to their planet.

Welcomed by the aliens, they live in what seems to be a dream world of peace and prosperity during their visit and hope to take what they learn back to Earth. When the time comes to return, the crew invites a contingent of aliens to visit Earth, and the new relationship between civilizations and individuals brings about the greatest news the world has ever known.

About the Author

Manfred Alt is a native of Germany and currently resides in Hawaii. His other published work includes The Fire Ghost of Hawaii.

(2009, paperback, 80 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review