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Alien Rider: Captbike

by Caglar Juan Singletary


Alien Rider: Captbike is the adventure of man on a female superbike who goes on lots of adventures with his superheroine friends!


About the Author

Caglar Juan Singletary is a Blackbelt in martial arts (Kenpo) and avid bodybuilder. He is truly a renaissance man and uses the King James Version Bible as the basis of his religious views. He is a college graduate, actor, martial artist, muscleman, and accomplished musician, too. Moreover, Singletary is an accomplished author and a lover of women’s rights, equality, and humanity.

            His original body weight was 126 pounds, although this changed after he started pumping iron and living for Jesus (Y’SHUA). Now, he is light heavy weight and adores X-MAS and bases all his holidays and related celebrations on it.


(2022, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review