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Spring Break

By: Jon Waller

About the Book

Spring Break in Florida is a time of unleashed inhibitions and unchecked personal freedom, but when retired secret service agent Brad Pope is called upon to audit the security of one living community in Fort Myers, he discovers that in their community, something much more sinister lurks beneath its hard-partying surface. From murder, to theft, to malfeasance, Spring Break finds Brad Pope in the midst of multiple intersecting mysteries beneath the warm sun of the Florida coast.

About the Author

Jon Waller has published several children’s books and written numerous stories and works of prose since retiring from the petroleum business. He recently published an e-book, entitled Midge, that explores the legacy of women in his family. He is an active triathlete who has completed 11 Ironman distance races. This is his second novel.    


(2021, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review