Cauldron Cupboard – Broomstick Break - eBook

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Cauldron Cupboard – Broomstick Break

By: Randa Gedeon

About the Book

With a magical twist on fantasy and novel classics, this story takes you on a rollercoaster. With connecting tales and links to different characters, seeing these mythical creatures have their stories all intertwined with one another will have any fan of fantasy novels eagerly turning the pages for more of Gedeon’s intricate story.


About the Author

Randa Gedeon is a writer, mostly interested in screenplays and short stories. She manages a film review blog when she’s not writing romance mystery stories. She has an interest in travel, reading, and music in addition to her passion for film. She lives and studies film in London, United Kingdom.

                Gedeon is the author of Read All About It, Beatrice’s Journey, and The Tenth of Never.


(2019, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review