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Spiritual Energy Explained: You, Your Soul, and the Universe

By: Walter Broach


About the Book

Spiritual Energy Explained is about the relationship with what people call God and how we are composed of the same material as God. This material is not widely acknowledged in the western world, but it will give a whole new outlook on life. Humans are truly spiritual entities walking around Earth with a physical body. Multiple subjects are also covered such as the many dimensions in which you may exist, your soul, what it is, and your feelings of gratitude, love, and empathy. Also mentioned is winning the spiritual war, your journey through the ages, and the importance of a good attitude. Contained in this book is information on spiritual energy and the importance of cooperating with your own soul to find happiness and joy in your life. It has nothing to do with any religion, just you and your relationship with the total energy of the Universe. While the knowledge within this book may upset or stun a few with how it challenges religion’s way of understanding the world, it is crucial to help readers gain a better understanding of themselves, their beliefs, and how they can improve their lives.


About the Author

Walter has been interested in spiritual energy since he was eight years old. He saw a movie that, when the hero died, his soul floated off to heaven. Walter had been recently baptized and was curious to see what it was all about, but was never completely satisfied with the explanations provided. He attended Grand Canyon College in Phoenix, AZ and the University of Kentucky in Lexington, KY where he earned a Master’s degree in Library Science. He became the director of a five-county library system in Mississippi. At this time, he was very passionate about running and researching metaphysics. While in Mississippi, he was honored to be a Rotary Club member and a member of MENSA. He eventually left Mississippi to care for his aging mother in Tulsa, OK. He went into the real estate business and opened his own agency. In his free time, he organized several small groups to talk about metaphysical phenomena.
Walter and his wife Ellen have six children scattered throughout the United States. He retired several years ago, but stays busy managing real estate property, working out, and writing.


(2022, hardback, 266 pages)

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