Journey of a Spiritual Soul

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by Susan M. Nelson Have you ever felt you needed to get away? Like a journey might make the frustration, loneliness, and weariness go away? Or that a step back might allow you to recognize the beauty and goodness that might otherwise go unnoticed? Susan M. Nelson offers her verse to those who cannot quite express their unspoken thoughts and emotions. Simple yet powerful and engaging, the poetry of Nelsons collection, Journey of a Spiritual Soul, will touch your heart and give you peace. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Susan M. Nelson was born in southern California and raised by Robert and Linda Little. Now widowed, she lives in Athol, Idaho, with her sons Sean and Steven. Her daughter Stephanie attends Fresno State University in California. In addition to writing, she enjoys music, reading, horses, cats, and sports. She is currently working toward degrees in nursing and horse management. Journey of a Spiritual Soul is her first published book. (2005, paperback, 52 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review