Son of Prick

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Son of Prick

By: Xavier Joseph D’Marco & Diane C. D’Marco


About the Book

Xavier Joseph D’Marco was bullied by his father. He recalls in stark detail his first beating that took place when he was only five years old. Throughout his childhood, he, his mother, and two sisters were brutally attacked. At the age of eighteen, Xavier moved out of his home. Eventually, his parents divorced. Then, the remaining domestic abuse survivors were able to move to another home to continue their lives. As an adult, Xavier watched his young children bullied in their Catholic school. Xavier witnessed people at work being bullied and he himself had a two-year bullying encounter with a serial bully who just happened to be his direct supervisor. In Son of Prick, Xavier shares his experiences in searing detail. He describes these experiences with bullies – from his father, to his children at their school, and in the workplace. His powerful stories prove that bullies are everywhere. This book is a testament to his determination to make his own way in life and not continue the cycle of violence with his own children. This is a heartwarming story about triumph and survival that could have only taken place in this dangerous era.


(2020, Paperback, 166 Pages)


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review