Smart-Aleck Sally

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Smart- Aleck Sally

By: V.M. Crutcher


About the Book

                Smart-Aleck Sally is an autobiographical tale about V. M. Crutcher’s adventures of moving from Ripley, TN, to New York City.

                A farmer’s daughter, V.M. (Virginia) lived on a farm in Henning TN, until she was five years old. She moved to New York to try to become a star on Broadway. She lived in Manhattan for four years and then in Queens for a few months. When she came back to Tennessee in 1984, she didn’t know what to do with herself. A year later, she went to the University of Memphis Law School and became a lawyer in 1988.

                When V. M. was living in Manhattan from 1980-1984, there were supposedly 30,000 homeless people on the streets of New York City. She had only seen one homeless person in her life, when she was an exchange student living in London in 1978. She was so overwhelmed in New York City, especially by the daunting buildings, the constant blaring traffic, people screaming obscenities at each other, and people sleeping on the sidewalks in the dead of winter.

                She promised Jesus that if He got her out of New York City, she would help the homeless. Now, 35 years later, she is a disability lawyer, and some of her clients are homeless. Jesus kept His vow to her and gave her the opportunity to keep her vow to Him. She didn’t become a star on Broadway, but when she helps her clients get their benefits and get off the streets forever, maybe some of them see her as their star.


About the Author

At age 60, V. M. Crutcher just got married to a wonderful man of God, after many years of being single. She never had any children of her own, so he is letting her share his kids and grandkids. They are exactly the kids and grandkids she would choose, if she could choose from any in the whole world. They are all smart, beautiful, loving people of God.



(2019, paperback, 30 pages)


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