Sacred Heart: The Rebirth of Sarah Carver - eBook

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Sacred Heart: The Rebirth of Sarah Carver

By: Hedgin Cleonie C.


About the Book

Sacred Heart is the story of Sarah Carver, a broken woman who desperately needs help. One night, at her lowest point, she has a chance meeting with Molly, a counselor who just might be able to help Sarah escape from her past. The story alternates between Sarah’s lifelong struggles and her grandmother’s secrets that have been hidden for years. Both women have been physically and sexually abused, and both are now in danger of being murdered when their past catches up to them. Molly and her husband Chris will risk everything to save the lives of Sarah and her family, but will it be too late to save them?

About the Author

Hedgin Cleonie C. is originally from Jamaica and moved to Canada in 2013. She is a single mom with three children who keep her busy. She earned her bachelor’s degree from North Caribbean University. Cleonie volunteers with the Women’s Center and has heard many touching stories about surviving abuse and trauma. She began writing this novel while volunteering there and also wrote many other poems and stories.


(2023, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review