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By: Shannon Dow


About the Book

When little Iris can't sleep without her beloved Pinkie, big sister Hazel promises to bring Pinkie back to Iris and sets about, secretly, doing just that. The bond between the sisters prompts Hazel to defy parental "rules" so her sister can feel safe with the comfort of her security blanket. The author hopes readers see the message to take care of each other, support emotional well-being, and think about how to begin letting go of things.

About the Author

At the young age of nineteen, Shannon Dow obtained guardianship of her brother and sister and met her husband, David, during that same time period. They have three adult children and six grandchildren. Dow has two cats and a puppy that is her "baby". Dow is delighted to be an elementary school teacher, currently teaching sixth grade. In addition, she actively volunteers for the Friendly Caller program at Seniors Plus. Her hobbies include beekeeping, gardening with a focus on herbs, making tisanes, quilting, baking, crocheting, hiking, writing, and making products from beeswax, which include: soap, candles, lip balms, lotions, salves, and a variety of other items. Dow has lived in Maine her entire life and loves everything about that great state. From the rocky seacoast to the backwoods and Mount Katahdin, Maine is a beautiful place to be.


(2023, hardback, 30 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review