Peril in Peru

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Peril in Peru

By:E.R. Boyles

About the Book

“We have a situation in Peru” are the words that launch Captain Cam Dixon on a mission, a mission involving drugs, murder, intrigue … and romance. Cam is prepared, skilled even, in handling the first three in that list, but he is caught unawares by the beautiful and fascinating Maria Gonzales de Leon, an employee of the Rocca Exporting firm, and an apparent target of the Alvardo cartel.
            Before the backdrop of the lush, beautiful country, rich in cultural and compelling history, Peril in Peru follows Cam as he tries to unravel who’s behind the assassination of a promising presidential candidate, a task that leads him down a road of dodging bullets and fighting for his life and that of Maria, a woman who quickly captures his heart.

(2022, hardback, 252 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review