Our Constitutional Peril: Our Representation Abridged - eBook

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Our Constitutional Peril: Our Representation Abridged

By: Bob Perry

About the Book

Our Founding Founders’ vision has been misunderstood: we have created what they wished to avoid – representation influenced by the wealthy and the elite.

                Our Constitutional Peril: Our Representation Abridged proves to readers that our political system and those holding power are unfairly and disproportionally influenced by the rich. Our campaign finance laws have imperiled our Constitution and freedoms by diminishing and abridging our representation. This book demands our government represent their constituents above all.



(2019, ebook)


(1 review) Write a Review

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    Great Book!

    Posted by Mary on Apr 8th 2020

    I have read this booklet and recommend it for everyone to read! I never really understood what the Senate and Congress had responsibility for. It became an interest for me to find out due to the "CONFUSION" they have created. I better understand, but do not think things are going the way the forefathers intended. Bob Perry did not make any judgments, but explained their intentions. I realize that times have changed, and I also know that some people do not have any idea about the document. I was impressed that he mentions the contributions that the females are mentioned, most of which were the wives of the President. I sincerely wish that every child at least by the 6th grade should read this booklet in a classroom and learn why they have it better than our founders did. GREAT BOOK BOB! THANK YOU! This would be a teaching tool since are children are not attending school during this virus epidemic. You can get the book on your computer or can buy it delivered. Thank you again.