One Tree Many Branches

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One Tree, Many Branches

By: Dr. Elijah Mickel, CRT


About the Book

One Tree, Many Branches shares spirituality as expressed in perfect loving. It provides a spiritual perspective for the reader to unite the physical with the spiritual. It is a continuation of Two Plants, One Flower: Presents and Problems: Choosing Perfect Love. When two imperfect believers connect, they can develop perfect loving. The contents of this book provide a model for believers to unite.

Our spirits have the desire to communicate. It is through this effort that they can accomplish all they desire.


About the Author

Dr. Elijah Mickel, CRT, earned a Master of Adult Education, Supervision and Administration from the University of the District of Columbia and a DSW from Howard University School of Social Work. He earned an MSW from Howard University and a BSW in social welfare rehabilitation from Federal City College. He is also a parent, grandparent, brother, uncle, cousin, educator, lecturer, and volunteer.

Dr. Mickel has written extensively in the area of African-Centered Reality Therapy and Choice Theory. He has also published the books Africa-Centered Reality Therapy (2005) and Two Plants, One Flower (2015). He has two books of poetry, one coauthored titled Forty-eight to Eighty-four (2016) and Many Branches of Perfect Loving: A Poetic Perspective (2017). In addition, he has written in the subject areas of education, addiction, social work history, spirituality, violence, trauma, and quality management.


(2020, Paperback, 186 Pages)


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review