Many Branches of Perfect Loving

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Many Branches of Perfect Loving

By: Dr. Elijah Mickel

About the Book

Dr. Elijah Mickel wrote Many Branches of Perfect Loving: A Poetic Perspective as a creative approach to connecting loving, war, sports, human rights, history, the Black experience, spirituality, and family.  The thoughts contained in this collection reflect the perfect found in the imperfect. In part, it is an extension of Dr. Mickel’s previous book Two Plants One Flower and a continuation of Perfect Loving: Forty-Eight to Eighty-Four. They are the author’s best attempt to connect the disconnected.

About the Author

 Dr. Elijah Mickel is certified in reality therapy (CRT). He is trained in social work/rehabilitation with specializations in criminal justice as well as children and families. Dr. Mickel has written many articles ranging from addiction to PTSD.   He was an educator with extensive experience as both a teacher and administrator. He is the author of African Centered Reality Therapy and Two Plants One Flower.  He is co-author of Perfect Loving:  Forty-Eight to Eighty-Four.

(2017, Paperback, 114 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review