On the Existence of a Perfect Being

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by William Andrew Willoughby On the Existence of a Perfect Being represents William Andrew Willoughbys thoughts on how the existence of God can be proven through science and faith. Willoughby has degrees in applied mathematics and electrical engineering, and he uses his education and experience to look at how science can prove the existence of the perfect being. He cites the Central Limit Theorem Standard Normal Curve and the Lorentz Condition as the foundations of his observations. He also uses physics to analyze the conditions under which a rainbow exists as another proof of his beliefs. The author goes on to prove the existence of God through religion. He notes that our feelings of independence tend to distance ourselves from God but basically we are called back to our belief in a higher perfection. Willoughbys intellectual perspectives are evident throughout his work, and the scientific style of his thinking leads the reader from one conclusion to the next. On the Existence of a Perfect Being is noteworthy in its use of both science and religion to prove the existence of God, and this work should give its audience much to ponder. ABOUT THE AUTHOR William Andrew Willoughby received his bachelor of science degree in applied mathematics and his bachelor of science in electrical engineering, both from the University of Wyoming. (2007, paperback, 40 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review