No Golden Solis Rises for Yesterday: Tale One of Series ‘Begin an End for a World?' - HB

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'No Golden Solis Rises for Yesterday': Tale One of Series ‘Begin an End for a World?'

By: M.G. Brown


About the Book

On a world, not our Earth, in another galaxy, not our Milky Way, one boy starts to know who he is and one lil sis who lives to tease him and one older bully boy who lives to taunt him! Yet together they must begin to know each other better and to learn a world already in serious trouble for environmental problems. They must begin to realize their world from past yesterdays made their present todays and will lead to their future tomorrows. But survive to continue only if they can help their world go on for a chance of living! And what can they do being merely youngsters?


So is 'No Golden Solis Rises for Yesterday' a 1st tale in new series Begin an End for a World?


(2023, hardback, 372 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review