The Golden Dragon Series: The Beginning of an End

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The Golden Dragon Series: The Beginning of an End
by Cara L. Bolth

Cara wakes up to find shes turned into a dragon overnight, while her mother, father, and brother have each turned into a different kind of animal. In their shock, no one can make sense of what is happening. Rushing outside, she and her family realize theyre not the only ones who have transformed.

Amid the panic of the neighborhood, several sleek black vans with the initials IMA printed on them drive up and a man begins explaining the situation. As Cara listens to him speak, she becomes convinced that his words are a liebut will she have the courage to singlehandedly challenge the mysterious stranger who claims to have all of the answers?

About the Author

Cara L. Bolth felt prompted to write The Golden Dragon Series after having lived with the story for years. Prior to writing it, she knew it as a piece of artwork she had created. Aside from writing, Cara has a wide variety of interests. She enjoys nature, art, traveling, birds, home design, dance, and the mysteries of the world. She lives in Australia, and she is currently studying library science at Livingstone Christian College. She is also undergoing a two-year library traineeship.

(2009, paperback, 76 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review