Native American Movie Actors - eBook

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Native American Movie Actors

By:E. Dennis King


About the Book

Native American Movie Actors honors those courageously infamous, brave unsung Native Americans who reenacted in films and emphasizes their plight to preserve the sacred land of their inheritance while displaying the beauty and grandeur of their homeland.

Many Hollywood Western movies used hundreds of local Native American people to create box-office hits. Yet the faces of these Native Americans, their riding skills, and “War Cries,” that contributed to their success never received the proper credit they deserved.

E. Dennis King reviews the history of filmmaking with Native American actors as well as the beginning of Western moviemaking in Utah. Through an in-depth look at the history and struggle of the Native American actors, he brings to life the immense talent of their work and the beautiful landscape of their homeland.


(2023, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review