Roc the Mike: Methods of Native American Obliteration - eBook

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Roc the Mike: Methods of Native American Obliteration

By: Malik H. Majeed

About the Author

It is through our ancestors’ stories that we learn more about ourselves. By looking to the past, we can begin to understand the world around us, and where we are headed.
In Roc the Mike, Malik H. Majeed details historical events of the past and how they influenced the lives of his ancestors, providing an in-depth look into how these events created the world of today and the undercurrent of racial tension that plagues our society. By filling the pages with personal anecdotes and tales from generations past, Majeed turns history into a personal experience, and encourages others to take a look into their own family history and uncover the stories which impacted your own past.

About the Author

Malik H. Majeed desires to extinguish evil which continues to corrupt the hearts and minds of society.


(2023, ebook, 250 pages)



(No reviews yet) Write a Review