NAMI and BOAZ: The Surfer's Tale - eBook

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NAMI and BOAZ: The Surfer's Tale

By: Colleen Hanley Prior


About the Book

Nami is a young girl who loves to surf the ocean waves. One day she meets a wise old friend, an owl named Boaz and together they enjoy the swells and speed and freedom of the surf in Nami and Boaz: The Surfer’s Tale.

About the Author

Colleen Hanley Prior grew up surfing along the beautiful coastal beaches of The Carolinas. As the youngest of nine siblings, the ocean became her babysitter and as long as she can remember, she was playing amongst the waves. Eventually surfing led her to Costa Rica where she credits her inspiration for most of her artwork. At age 20 she relocated to San Clemente, California where she has lived most of her life. This is where she not only became a pro surfer, but became increasingly consumed by painting and selling her art. Eventually her art found its way into coastal galleries where she gained a loyal cliental base globally.

In 2007 Colleen married her fiance', from Wales, Jonathan Prior. Drawn by surfing on the snow, and their love for wide open spaces and animals, the pair moved to The Western Mountains of Idaho in 2020 to raise their children. Today, Colleen splits her board time between her family, creating art, and volunteering whenever possible. —Bio by Chris Dixon 


(2024, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review