My Personal Journey: Survivor of Domestic Abuse

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by Debra Kitchen How do we learn to love ourselves? For Debra Kitchen, loving herself was the first step toward healing from domestic abuse. To her, love had always been something she gave and never received. Instead of love, her life was filled with physical and emotional pain from an abusive husband. After twenty-one years of putting up with the abuse, Debra left her husband. She began striving for a new life, a life where she was first priority. Debra learned in order to better love others, she must first learn to love herself. In My Personal Journey: Survivor of Domestic Abuse, Debra shares her story in the hopes that she can reach just one battered spouse and help her see there is more to life than abuse. ABOUT THE AUTHOR A longtime resident of North Dakota, Debra spends much of her free time writing. She also enjoys crocheting, oil painting, and gardening. Debra is the proud mother of six children: Jennifer, Michael, Anthony, Jessica, George, and Jamie. (2008, paperback, 36 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review