My Life Experiences Through the Years - eBook

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My Life Experiences Through the Years

By: Peter Seelig

About the Book

Born to a Hungarian mother, and a German father, author Peter Seelig details his life in his memoir, My Life Experiences through the Years. Follow the author’s journey as his family is relocated to a German Refugee Camp in Nuremberg during World War II to his family’s eventual move to America in the 1950s.

Seelig tells a touching story of his life of adventure and the close bond he had his with his mother.


About the Author

Peter Seelig enjoys many hobbies, including traveling, model railroads, photography, and videography. Currently, Seelig serves in a choir and volunteers with PARMA Medical Center where he serves as Spiritual Care Aide under the direction of the Chaplain.


(2019, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review