Messy Jessie: The Amazing Artist - eBook

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Messy Jessie: The Amazing Artist

By: Patricia Lane-Perkins


About the Book

Messy Jessie’s room is always a giant mess, with toys and clothes strewn about. Despite being messy, Jessie has a great talent–she is a wonderful artist! Even if Jessie can’t always keep her room nice and tidy, she uses her own unique abilities to create amazing art.

Messy Jessie is a children's empowerment book to teach children from an early age that anything they may want to pursue is possible.

About the Author

Patricia Lane-Perkins is a new author of children’s books. She loves spending time working on her hobbies of painting and making antique ornaments for her friends during the holidays.


(2023, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review