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The Story of Jessie Handle
by Cheryl Carolyn Tonsil – RMA, CAN, PCA

He Our world has unexpectedly stumbled

upon the brink of its own collapse. Not by war,

disease, or any catastrophic event, but by one

man, rising up from the dishevel of his own

madness. By one man, thought to be responsible for

the murder of millions of Americans. One man, with

a Gift, a Power, of doing considerable harm to

the world’s population. One man,

known worldwide as the Shining King,

coming to bring his endless reign of death

upon the earth’s inhabitants.

For some, this man is the antichrist, the devil’s

incarnate. For many, he’s their messiah,

come to free the world from the

fallacies of a flawed society.

But, to just a few,

he’s simply

known as


The Story of Jessie Handle is both a gripping narrative as well as an investigation into the claims of the world’s religions that will leave readers with much to consider.

About the Author:

After a lifetime of reading, Cheryl Carolyn Tonsil – RMA, CNA-PCA has lived her dream by writing The Story of Jessie Handle.

(2017, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review