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By:  Frank Larson III

About the Book

Byron is disillusioned, young, and angry. He spends his days drinking, smoking, listening to punk music at the local dive bar, and commiserating with his friends about the inevitable, apathetic banality of life: the mind-numbing jobs, the suffocatingly small apartments, the lack of real connection. As Byron’s mental health deteriorates, a new, highly addictive drug starts spreading, and Bryon’s sense of dread, that something terrible is coming, grows…

One day, while getting high at a graveyard, Byron and his friend Tom spot what looks like a dead, black cat floating in a pond... Before Byron’s eyes, Tom is swallowed into the pond, and from the murky, evil water the black cat appears, speaking in Tom’s disembodied voice. Infest is an electrically frantic mix of satire, horror, and surrealism that will leave the reader with one certainty: It could always be worse.

About the Author

Frank Larson III is a native of Ivoryton, Connecticut. He currently resides in Deep River, CT with his wife Randa and daughter, Alice.

 (2022, eBook)                                                                                       


(No reviews yet) Write a Review