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This, This, This, and That

By: Linda M. Davis


About the Book


This, This, This, and That moves eighth graders to an awareness of what’s going on in the lives of others in the community who aren’t necessarily in their peer group. Although other-oriented, it simultaneously builds individual self-esteem for verbalizing needs without feeling intimidated in preparation for interacting with people of all ages.

                The short stories encourage teacher prep for guidance and follow-up discussions while allowing youth to examine possible situations and make positive alternative solutions.

                Readers can use the enclosed student community volunteer stories to address situations that involve bullying, crisis, dignity, and human welfare.


About the Author


Linda M. Davis earned a Bachelor of Science degree in education from Harris Stowe College in St. Louis, Missouri, and a master of education degree from National-Louis University in Evanston, Illinois. She served as a chairperson for St. Louis Accelerated Schools and co-authored Creating a Literacy-Centered Classroom. In 2012 she published Conflict Mediation: Student Appreciation Techniques for Handling Conflict, a workbook/portfolio for students in grades 3 through 5.



(2019, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review