In A Glimpse Of A Dream (PB)

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In A Glimpse Of A Dream (PB)

By: Jesse Stokes

About the Book

Justin Craig is going through midlife crisis, desperately searching for deeper meaning and fulfillment of his now sinking life. While losing his faith in himself and God, he begins to have very lucid dreams where he commits to spiritual covenants in hopes of redeeming his faith. These dreamscape covenants affect real-world decisions and events as ancient atrocities race against future justice. Murder, framing, revenge and redemption play out in a whirlwind of revelations as Justin sojourns through this amazing spiritual-dreamscape-thriller-adventure, leading him to rediscover his real purpose and his faith in God.


About the Author

Jesse Stokes is a musician, author, songwriter and engineer. Stokes was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. As referred to in his book, Stokes has been to Rocky Point many times as a child and as an adult.

(2019, Paperback, 142 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review