I Am Urist: Book 1: The Stone Age - eBook

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I Am Urist: Book 1: The Stone Age

By: David Spark


About the Book

Waking up in a world unfamiliar to him, Urist, a dwarf, is forced to create a civilization from scratch. He must build a kingdom on his own to rule the other dwarfs. With Urist being voted as the dwarf to manage the civilization, he has bits and pieces of memories from his old life, helping speed the process of technology for his new civilization. In this story of survival, Urist’s adventure shows that even if life gets hard, it is worth living.


About the Author

David Spark is active in the Royal Road site posting and talking with aspiring writers. He likes to read, play games, and cook. Spark has special interests in birds and technology.

(2023, eBook, 444 pages)



(No reviews yet) Write a Review