His Name Is God

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His Name Is God

by Joseph Blackman Jr.

From the middle of the universe to the center of my mind, if you have God in your heart, He wont be hard to find.

I was born again on a thundercloud as I called His holy name out loud. I did not call Allah, or Buddha, or Jesus Christ. I called God almighty. I did not have to think twice.

This thundercloud was made of cordite, as the bullet broke my shoulder with gruesome might.

My guardian angel was working well. We fought back-to-back against the gates of Hell. She held the yin, and I, the yang. In this battle evil could not hang.

Out manned, out gunned, out of luck, out of time. The usual.

About the Author:

Joseph Blackman Jr. was born in 1957. He attended Le Mans Military Academy and LaSall High School. Later, he graduated Contra Costa College with two Associate degrees in Computer Systems and Computer Programming. He served in the United States Air Force.

Blackman has been married for eighteen years and is the father of two daughters.

(2017, Paperback, 34 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review