A Baby God without a Name

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by Miss Paramount, Miss Paramount Child In A Baby God without a Name, life is explored through the simplistic and curious eyes of an adopted baby, Krissy who refers to her father as Daddy God, a man to whom her and her friends ominously pray. As the baby grows, life unfolds into complicated scenes where faith is heavily revered and telecast is not to be ignored. Simple events like trips to the dentist take on unfathomable meanings when Krissys probing eyes evaluate the scene, as her innocence is juxtaposed with profound maturity. From her jarring interactions with other children and adults, Krissys complicated past reveals itself in this raw, passionate memoir. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Miss Paramount, Miss Paramount Child is a self-employed contractor and published songwriter living in Florida. She has three children Deanna, Trina, and Stacey. In addition to writing, she attends a Baptist church and enjoys singing karaoke in nightclubs, bowling, and tennis. (2007, paperback, 64 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review